2022 Team List

Team # Team Name Company / Organisation
1 Trustee Trotters '22 Arthur Rank Hospice Charity
2 Greenwood Legal LLP Greenwoods Legal LLP
3 Cambridge BID Ltd Cambridge BID Ltd
4 Layrd Design Layrd Design
5 Vix 1 Vix Technology
6 NP Architects N P Architects
7 Owlstone Medical One Owlstone Medical Limited
8 Whitings LLP Whitings LLP
9 Wimpole Whippets N/A
11 Max Fordham Max Fordham
12 Mrs Miggins and her Pie Shop Runners UK MOR Ltd
13 Tax Tigers Websters Cambridge Limited
14 The Great Dames N/A
15 COEL Cambridge Office Environments Ltd (COEL)
16 Prior UK www.prior.com
17 Running for Cake N/A
18 UL360 Team1 UL VS Ltd
19 UL360 Team2 UL VS Ltd
20 HP Cambridge HP UK Development Ltd.
21 Cambridge Epigenetix Cambridge Epigenetix
22 Northmores Northmores
23 Running Money Mattioli Woods Plc
24 Cirque Du Sore Legs Savills (UK) Ltd
25 Savills Escargots Savills (UK) Ltd
26 Savills Sprinters Savills (UK) Ltd
27 CJ Resi Runners Carter Jonas
28 Clovis Oncology Clovis Oncology
29 Estates Division, University of Cambridge Estates Division, University of Cambridge
30 Steeple chasers A team Steeple chasers triclub
31 Steeple chasers B team Steeple chasers triclub
32 Prior Girl Power Prior Scientific Instruments Ltd
33 Otterly Adorable Evonetix
34 The Failed Synthesis Runners Evonetix
35 Sunrise running crew N/A
36 Stonking Stone Kingers Stone King LLP
37 Emerson Bond Emerson Bond Group Limited
38 Anglia Ruskin University A Anglia Ruskin University
39 Anglia Ruskin University B Anglia Ruskin University
40 Michael Gaunt Limited Michael Gaunt Limited
41 CDC Studio CDC Studio
42 Piñatas Mogrify
43 MoGos Mogrify
44 Ashcroft Ashcroft Partnership LLP
45 CKLG CKLG Limited
46 RAND Europe RAND Europe
47 Ramboll Robbers Ramboll
48 Ramboll Rangers Ramboll
49 Team Tamarind Tamarind Executive Search
50 Parkside Friends & Alumni N/A
51 TV Tribe Taylor Vinters
52 The road runners Cambridge Insights
53 Prior 3 Prior Scientific Instruments Ltd
54 Anglia Gifts and Promotions Anglia Gifts & Promotions
55 STEMrun E6 STEMCELL Technologies UK Ltd
56 STEMCELL RoboRun Sep STEMCELL Technologies UK Ltd
57 Owlstone Medical Two Owlstone Medical Limited
58 Owlstone Medical Three Owlstone Medical Limited
59 glass.ai glass.ai
60 Fitz Flyers Fitzwilliam College
63 The Maybe Mostly Cyted Team Cyted
64 St Faith's Mixed St. Faith's School
65 St Faith's Veterans St. Faith's School
66 Castle School N/A
67 Howard Hares Howard Ventures
68 Restaurant Twenty Two Restaurant Twenty Two
69 Hughes Hall Owls Hughes Hall College
70 CCE - Cirque du Sore Legs Hughes Hall College
71 Centre for Genomic Runners AstraZeneca
72 MCW Architects MCW architects
73 Chatteris RC N/A
74 Thomas Ridley Foodservice Thomas Ridley & Son Ltd
75 ANB Sensors ANB Sensors
76 PragmatIC Salts PragmatIC Semiconductor
77 PragmatIC Vinegars PragmatIC Semiconductor
78 Appleyard Lees Appleyard Lees IP LLP
79 42T 42 Technology Ltd.
80 Cambridge Angels Cambridge Angels
81 BMF #1 BMF
82 BMF #2 BMF
83 VPG Hitchin SYNLAB VPG Hitchin
84 Histon Hobblers Histon Hobblers
85 PB People Price Bailey
86 PB Partners Price Bailey
87 Fenners Brief Chasers Fenners Chambers
88 Fenners Barristers Fenners Chambers
89 EBCam Employee Benefits Ebcam Ltd
90 Pinklewickers N/A
91 Swan Ambushers N/A
92 SDDC Hares Coalesce Product Development
93 SDDC Harriers Coalesce Product Development
94 Dr Reddy's Dr.Reddy's Laboratories (EU) Ltd
95 Barnes Construction Barnes Construction
96 Cambridge Central Mosque Crawlers N/A
97 Trimming World N/A
98 Cambridge Innovation Capital N/A
99 Darwin College Darwin College
100 Cambridge Mechatronics Team A Cambridge Mechatronics Limited
101 Cambridge Mechatronics Team B Cambridge Mechatronics Limited
102 Cambridge Mechatronics Team C Cambridge Mechatronics Limited
103 Cambridge Mechatronics Team D Cambridge Mechatronics Limited
104 Tees Ladies Tees
105 Tees Mixed Tees
106 The Cambridge Kings The Cambridge Building Society
107 The Cambridge Queens The Cambridge Building Society
108 Origami Energy Origami Energy Ltd.
109 Huntingdon Road Surgery Huntingdon Road Surgery
110 Sepura Sepura
111 TQKD – Toshiba Quantum Knee Distribution Toshiba
112 TASU – Toshiba Active Speed Ultraenergetics Toshiba
113 Handelsbanken Handelsbanken
114 View Farm Runners View Farm Runners
115 Scintillators Scintacor
116 Venturistas IQ Capital Partners LLP
117 South Cambs DC Men South Cambridgeshire District Council
118 South Cambs DC Women South Cambridgeshire District Council
119 Downing Dashers Downing College
120 OST B2B Social OST
121 Move to Cambridge Move to Cambridge Relocations
122 Sagentia Innovation - Scrambled Legs Sagentia Innovation
123 Sagentia Innovation - Let’s Get Ready To Stumble Sagentia Innovation
124 Sagentia Innovation - Doping Study Group B Sagentia Innovation
125 Barr Ellison Law Barr Ellison Law Firm
127 AECOM Team 1 AECOM
128 AECOM Team 2 AECOM
129 Inpatient Unit Team : 'Jenny's Joggers' Arthur Rank Hospice Charity
130 Europa Science Europa Science Ltd
131 Bango Bango
132 The Nucleostrides Illumina Cambridge Ltd
133 The Genomicists Illumina Cambridge Ltd
134 My sequencer is better than yours Illumina Cambridge Ltd
135 TeichLab Teichmann Lab, Wellcome Sanger Institute
136 Basck Limited Basck Limited
137 Cerevance Cerevance