Frequently Asked Questions

When can I register my team?

Online team registrations are available between May to September. The registration system closes the Wednesday before the race day or when team numbers reach 400, whichever is first.

When can charities apply to be the official recipient?

Charities can download an application form online between mid October to December before the race the following year.

What is the minimum age?

16 years

Is there a bag drop on the Green?

There is no bag drop on the Green. All participants are responsible for their own belongings

Is there parking nearby?

Parking on Queens’ Green is reserved for the race organisers.
Bike racks are provided for participants.
For nearby parking please visit – nearest postcode for Queens’ Green is CB3 9AH

Can I put up a separate flag / gazebo for other members of my team to find me on Queens’ Green?

No. Space on the Green is limited and as such all teams registered is assigned a zone area, relating to their team number.

What time is the race?

The race starts promptly at 9.30am, although all participants are requested to be on the Green by 9am

What time can team Leaders register their team(s)?

Team leaders can register their team on the morning of the race at he registration marquee on Queens’ Green between 7.30am – 9.00am. During registration, the team leader will be provided a team pack. This pack contains your runner numbers, safety pins, a baton and COF T-shirts (3x medium x 3 large). Teams are permitted to run in their own t-shirts.

What is the running order?


Please note: runners do not have to run in the order they have signed the disclaimer form.

How will my team time be recorded?

For your team time to be recorded, the final runner (black colour bib) MUST place the bib labelled ‘FRONT’ on the front of their body for the timings chip to work. If incorrectly positioned no team time will be recorded. Team times will be published live on

Can I change my team type?

Yes, you can change your team type during registration or by emailing the change to up until  the Wednesday before the race.

Can I hand in my disclaimer form in on the morning of the race?

Whilst the race organisers will accept disclaimer forms during the morning of the race, to reduce the length of time it will take team leaders to register, participants are strongly encouraged to sign and return disclaimer forms in advance. Any last minute runner substitutions can sign and hand in a separate form.

Can someone in my team run twice?

Yes, although they have to hand over the baton to another member of the team and change over their colour coded number.

Please note: that not having a team of six will mean that the team is not eligible to receive a prize.

Can I run with a buggy?

Unfortunately not.

Can I customise or use a bespoke baton for the race?

Yes, just so long as it is passed over the gantry to each participant.

Can I wear my own running t-shirt?

Yes, as long as you wear the Chariots of Fire colour coded runner number

When should I hand in my sponsorship money?

Please provide all sponsorship monies by mid December. This will ensure that we can accurately identify how much money has been raised and that the amount is included in the cheque presentation presented to the charity in January after the race.