Training Tips for blazing a trail at Chariots of Fire

With Chariots of Fire fast approaching it is recommended that, as part of a successful race, runners would benefit from training before the race on Sunday 17th September.

Starting off from Queen’s Green the runners will begin their scenic lap through the 1.6 miles course by racing across the Green and down into Silver Street, where a sharp left turn will take them into King’s Parade. After following the directions of the marshals the runners will enter the first of the three colleges, Trinity College. Running through the expansive grounds of the college the race runners will then loop around and be treated to a close viewing of Clare College as they run through her historic grounds. Leaving the quad of Clare behind them they will then turn right into King’s College where they will make their way through the grounds towards the river Cam . Taking in the stunning views of the backs the runners will leave the grounds to run along Queen’s Road before looping their way back onto Queen’s Green to hand their baton over to the next runner, all while being cheered on by marshals and crowds of spectators. 

A map of the race route can be found on the Chariots of Fire website, To manage all the twists and turns of this unique course, it is recommended good practice for all participants, be they planning to run to win a prize or just for fun, to properly prepare for the race and limber up just as the original 1924 Olympians did. 

Therefore to aid preparation below are some essential top training tips Warm your body. While you may not feel like a professional athlete it is very important to treat your muscles like one. Warming up and stretching your muscles before each training session and race is vital to avoid injuries. 

It is recommended to perform about 10 minutes of stretching before you run, the last thing you want is a cramp when in the midst of beating your personal best.Don’t ignore your body. Running may make you feel tired and sore but don’t ignore aches or pains that seem more than normal. Your body has limits and pushing yourself past them can do more damage than good, after all pushing yourself beyond the red line won’t help your body run if you have to skip the race due to injury.

Eat & Drink. Running and training is thirsty work. Always keep a suitable drink to hand so you can keep your body topped up with the liquids it needs. For eating however it is recommended that you only eat a light breakfast of carbohydrates 1 hour before running, eating any more will greatly increase your chances of developing a stitch.

Have fun. Chariots of Fire brings in a wide array of runners, from fast participants to casual fun runners. No matter how serious to take the race it is important that you have fun and raise awareness for this year’s official charity Alzheimer’s Research UK – as it is this diversity in runners that makes Chariots of Fire an enjoyable and successful event year after year.