Researchers swap lab coats for running gear for Chariots of Fire 2017

A team of scientists are ready to take the baton in this year’s Chariots of Fire to further their fight against dementia. 

Prof Michael Coleman will lead his team of dementia researchers from Addenbrooke’s hospital in Cambridge’s famous relay race, which this year has chosen Alzheimer’s Research UK as its official charity.

The Cambridge scientist is committed to supporting the UK’s leading dementiaresearch charity in both a professional and personal capacity, having helpedwith many fundraising projects, as well as sitting on the Charity’s GrantReview Board.

Prof Coleman said: “I have personally done a lot of work with Alzheimer’sResearch UK over the years as it is driving such an important cause. We see howhard the charity works to obtain the money needed to fund research like ours sowe have signed up with the aim of raising at least £500 between us.”

His team comprises a variety of researchers including Dr Romina Vuono whoseresearch is directly funded by Alzheimer’s Research UK.

She said: “We wanted to not only fight dementia in the lab but in other waystoo, so when we heard about Chariots of Fire we knew we wanted to enter a teamto raise money and awareness.”

The team, which includes a cyclist, mountaineer, power lifter and a martialartist, have admitted to being a bit competitive and are already in trainingfor the race which takes place later this month.

The researchers, along with hundreds of other race runners, are raisingmoney for a pioneering brain imaging project at the University of Cambridge. Itwill provide scientists with a better understanding of the links betweenAlzheimer’s and Down’s syndrome to identify the windows of opportunity for futurepreventative treatments that could benefit everyone affected by Alzheimer’s.

Kenneth Foreman, Senior Sporting Events & Partnerships Manager atAlzheimer’s Research UK, said:

“It is great to have the backing of Michael’s team, who are committed to helpingus tackle the diseases that cause dementia, not only in the lab but also byraising money through Chariots of Fire.

“It is also impressive to see such a line-up of sportsmen and women in oneteam and we can’t wait to cheer them along on the day.

“It is only with the help of teams like Michael’s that we can bring aboutthe first life-changing dementia treatment by 2025 so we hope many more teamssign up to support us before the big day!”

Chariots of Fire is organised by Hewitsons Charitable Trust, the charityestablished and supported by Solicitors Hewitsons LLP, and backed by theCambridge News.

Charles Hewitson, Race Director, said “This is an event that many of us lookforward to every year, seeing it as a good reason to try and get fit, and alsoknowing that we will be raising money for an important local charity is alwaysthe best possible incentive. Chariots of Fire is a perfect opportunity to entera team with your colleagues or friends, it really encourages camaraderie andteam spirit, which is always evident on the day.”