Local leisure centre offers training tips to Chariots of Fire runners

With Chariots of Fire fast approaching, a local leisure and fitness centre, Frank Lee Leisure & Fitness, say it is not too late to register a team and start getting prepared for the race. 

The Frank Lee Leisure & Fitness offers a wide range of facilities to NHS employees and other related employees on the Addenbrooke’s site and around Cambridge within its state of the art gym. Teams from the centre have greatly enjoyed taking part in the charity relay race in recent years. 

Stuart Hayof Frank Lee Leisure & Fitness said, “For the few months before the day, we have the treadmills teaming with team members preparing for the race. Its great to see the variety of teams showing the fullest ranges of age, experience and ability all coming together to have a fun day out and raise money.“ “It is fantastic to be part of this enjoyable event, which is no doubt boosted enormously by the added attraction of supporting the Rosie Hospital Campaign by raising lots of sponsorship money. I would urge anyone interested in taking part to register a team today to avoid disappointment and to guarantee their place in this satisfying challenge.” 

For those who are attempting the Chariots of Fire for the first time this year, here are some hints and tips that will help you prepare for this unique relay race, and may even motivate you into becoming a regular runner.· Look after your feet. This might sound unusual, but many a runner suffers from blisters, pins and needles and other problems with their feet. Blisters are a pain, but sometimes something as simple as wearing two pairs of thin socks can reduce the friction. 

 Pain, pins and needles and even bruised toes are normally caused by ill-fitting footwear. Running shoes should fit bigger than most shoes and they should be loosely tied up – you should just be able to pull it off when done up.· Pain CAN be without gain. Don’t be tempted to run through an injury thinking it will do you good. Stop, and seek medical advice as you may make it worse, you don’t want to get injured and end up watching the event from the sidelines· 

 Will it be crowded? This is a big event with lots of teams, people and supporters, if you want to avoid the main crowd, try going as the 6th and last runner that way the other teams will be nicely spaced along the course and you can also bask in the finishing-line glory!· Warm down and stretch. 

A warm down could be a leisurely jog back home or even a walk, just to wind down the body and help you recover. Follow this with some gentle stretches. This is important for training runs but also for race day as well.· Preparation. Don’t run at least 48 hours before the event. This gives your body time to rest. Also, Autumn in England could bring with it any weather – so be prepared by making sure you are dressed appropriately. · 

 Have fun. There will be some serious runners out there, but most of us are have a go heroes raising money and having a great time, and that is what makes this day such a success. The race takes place on Sunday 18 September, starting from Queens’ Green with teams of six each running the scenic 1.7 mile course in relay format through the city centre and Kings, Clare and Trinity colleges. 

Charles Hewitson, race director and partner at sponsors Hewitsons added, “All the effort runners put into training for and running in the race will not be in vain, as teams will be raising money to fund the vital work of the Rosie Hospital Campaign.”