Dad pays running debt to The Rosie

The Chariots of Fire race will hold extra special meaning this year for two runners, having both experienced first hand the fantastic work of the Rosie Maternity Hospital.

Paul Sinfield and Ben Wright, from Aixtron, based in Buckingway Business Park in Swavesey, will both be running in team Aix-Men during the relay race on Sunday 18th September, where all sponsorship monies raised will be donated to the Rosie Hospital Campaign. 

 They will be joined by colleagues, David Molony, Kenny Metcalfe, James Adide and Neil Paterson.Upon discovering during 32 weeks into pregnancy that their baby had stopped growing due to reduced blood flow from the placenta getting through the umbilical cord, Paul and his wife, Angela, had to attend weekly scans for the next month to check progress. At 36 weeks, the couple had to make the emotional decision that it would be safer for their baby to be born into the world than remain in the womb. Baby Hannah was born weighing just 4lb 5oz thanks to the incredible work of their brilliant midwife, Sophie Clements, and the team of doctors at the Rosie. Being able to breath by herself, Hannah was placed in the Special Care Baby Unit, rather than the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, before being discharged to go home. During this time both mum and dad were able to stay in accommodation on site at Addenbrookes, which Paul describes as a “god send”, allowing them to feed and bond with their first born child. 

Paul says ‘Prior to Hannah being born and during our 9 day stay in SCBU, we witnessed first hand the amazing work the doctors, midwives and nurses do for the babies and their families. We feel they don't get enough credit for the hard work they do, and it's not until you put your trust and precious newborn baby into their hands, that you realise just how hard they work and the miracles they perform’.Today Hannah is a thriving happy baby girl ‘everyday she makes Angela and I smile and laugh and we can’t believe how lucky we are’, says Paul. ‘She is the motivation to put on the running kit to train in the evening after a hard day at work, tiring shift nappy changing and feeding Hannah at all hours’.‘At the end of the day, as long as we all get over the line in one piece, we'll have achieved what we set out to do in order to earn that well deserved money for the Rosie and for those babies and parents that are currently receiving treatment and future families that come to rely on the amazing work the doctors and nurses carry out at the Rosie’, says Paul Another runner in team Aix-Men is Ben Wright, a regular runner for Chariots of Fire who describes the race as ‘a fantastic event with a great atmosphere, helped by the complete mix of people who enter from those wanting to run their best, those running for fun and not forgetting those who compete in full fancy dress costumes’. 

 Like his team mate Paul, this years event holds special significance for Ben as after a long and complicated labour, his wife, Kaili gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Posy, weighing 6lb 10oz at the Rosie. ‘We are both completely indebted to all the staff at the Rosie, in particular Becky from the midwife led unit who helped us with the birthing pool, Claire Stead who assisted in setting up the epidural for the anaesthetist and helped during the later stages of labour, and Alberto the only male midwife at the Rosie who was truly amazing and finally brought our daughter into the world’.‘On the day of the race Posy will be exactly 8 weeks old, so who knows, maybe she will even give me her first smile as I cross the finish line’, says Ben. 

According to Charles Hewitson, partner and race director of organiser Hewitsons, ‘Both Paul and Ben’s story highlights the tremendous work and complete dedication given by all staff at the Rosie. I’m delighted that all proceeds from Chariots of Fire will be going to this wonderful Campaign. I would urge everyone to register a team, get sponsored and come and join us for this most enjoyable and rewarding event’.This year’s race will take place on Sunday 18 September starting and finishing at Queen’s Green in Cambridge. 

To enter a team please visit the website: To make a donation to the Aix-Men team please visit further information contact either Stephen Page or Sarah Head on 01223 461155 or by email