Chariots of Fire race to the final ACT

With the dust settled and the runners recuperating after this year's Chariots of Fire the official charity, Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust (ACT), are aiming to gather £100,000.

The Chariots of Fire race, which took place on Sunday 22nd September, saw over 2100 runners congregate on Queen’s Green to run the 1.7 mile relay race.

The sponsorship funds being collected by ACT are aiming to fund a new emergency children’s ambulance service, dedicated to providing over 1,700 of the region’s sickest children with the highest level of care.

Shelly Thake, CEO of Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust, said: “I want to personally thank everyone who participated and attended the wonderful Chariots of Fire event on Sunday. It was an incredible day showing what can be achieved when we all come together. Thanks to everyone’s support, we are now much closer to providing a dedicated Emergency Children’s Ambulance Service to ensure that sick children get to Addenbrooke’s as quickly as possible. Currently, a child needing a specialist ambulance must wait for one to arrive from London. The team then have to prepare the child before transferring them to another hospital and this wait can cause undue delay and distress. Having an ambulance based at Addenbrooke’s will greatly reduce the wait and transfer time, giving a child the best chance of survival.”

Charles Hewitson, Race Director, said “Every year the sponsorship made by the supporters of Chariots of Fire has proven to be a testament to the city’s generosity. Each pound raised will help Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust buy the ambulance the region sorely needs. I would therefore encourage all teams who have not yet provided their sponsorship monies to do so and show their support.”

All sponsorship money is due by the end of the year.

Charity applications for the 2020 race will be live in mid-October on the Chariots of Fire website. Any charity seeking to apply to be the official 2020 Charity for next year’s race are advised to apply, details can be found on