Chariots of Fire Fundraising on the Horizon

With unprecedented team numbers already signed up at this stage for this year’s Chariots of Fire, it was great to see the return of Horizon Discovery. This year the company has entered two teams.

The employees, from all departments, include Karin Schmitt, Kyla Grimshaw, Chris Torrance, Simon Hoffman, Rebecca Chan, Jessica Hunt, David Sorrell, Julie Wickenden, Simon Scrace, Steve Sheppard, David Hall, Sarah Donegan, and Mark Stockdale. 

Having entered Chariots of Fire in 2013, Horizon Discovery is hoping to improve on their previous result, which saw them come within the top 50 finishers. Dr. Julie Wickenden, team leader at Horizon Discovery and one of the members fighting it out for a place in the team, said ‘We as an organisation want to make a difference in improving the quality of life for cancer sufferers and people other diseases, by researching and supporting the development of novel personalized medicines. 

Research by its nature, however, takes time, comes in increments and is a global community scale effort.’ ‘Horizon’s charitable philosophy in the interim is to sponsor local centres that provide palliative care and counselling support to cancer sufferers and their families during the difficult late stages of disease progression, in the hope that one day they can help find new therapies for treating these patients. We are delighted therefore to find out that this year’s Chariots of Fire relay race is supporting Arthur Rank Hospice, our own chosen charity.’ Julie continued ‘We hope to raise as much as possible in sponsorship, but our target is in the £300-£500 range and we have some great ideas as to how we may achieve this!’ 

Charles Hewitson, race director said ‘It’s great to see local businesses entering teams to take part in Chariots each year. Not only is it a fun way to strengthen a sense of team work amongst colleagues but it is an enjoyable way to raise valuable sponsorship money for this deserving charity. For businesses who have not previously entered a team, why not give it a try and see where your team gets ranked’. 

Horizon Discovery believes the work undertaken by the hospice is vital, cancer is a disease which impacts not only the sufferer but also those close to them. The hospice provides support to cancer sufferers and their families through some difficult times. Most importantly they enable the patient to end their life with dignity, which is as important at the end of life as throughout. The company’s support has primarily been through fundraising but has included other activities. For example last year and again this year, many of the company’s employees volunteered their time to paint the wards and shared spaces. 

When asked whether they would recommend Chariots of Fire to others Julie added ‘Absolutely! Chariots of Fire is a great event to encourage people to get into running; the distance doesn’t sound too daunting, you get to see parts of the Cambridge college grounds not usually open for visitors, and most importantly in taking part, you help to support important local charities.‘ To enter a team for Chariots of Fire click here . For more information about the Arthur Rank Hospice Charity, please visit