Environmental Policy

HCR Hewitsons Charitable Trust Environmental Policy


HCR Hewitsons Charitable Trust’s mission is to annually deliver Chariots of Fire and make a positive contribution to our community and our official charity partner(s). We aim to manage our operations with sound environmental practices and social responsibility at its core.

Business summary

HCR Hewitsons Charitable Trust

HCR Hewitsons Charitable Trust (registered Charity No. 1148113) organises the annual Chariots of Fire event in Cambridge which raises over £50,000 every year for one or two charities which are selected as the year’s official recipient partner. Through this event  over £1.48million has been raised for a variety of regional charities. The event includes around 2,500 runners – both athletes and amblers – competing alongside each other over a short but inspiring course.

Environmental statement

We are committed to having the lowest possible impact on the natural world, and endeavour to make a net positive contribution by:

  • Actively measuring and monitoring environmental impacts
  • Reducing waste and managing disposal responsibly
  • Reducing supply chain impacts of all types
  • Identifying and capitalising on positive behaviour change opportunities
  • Managing supplier relationships with fairness and social responsibility

Reducing Impact

HCR Hewitsons Charitable Trust has set minimum standards and targets for continuous improvement for the delivery of Chariots of Fire, including but not limited to:

  • Reduction of paperwork on the Green
  • Supporting the use of bicycles from participants attending the event
  • Waste Management Policy, recycling bins
  • Opt-in option for event t-shirt and medals, to reduce unnecessary production
  • Reuse and repurpose operational items year on year.
  • Stopping the provision of single use water bottles to participants.

The team recognises the value in existing relationships, and where possible works with existing stakeholders to make the changes required to meet the above.

Continuous Improvement

HCR Hewitsons Charitable Trust recognises that reducing our environmental impact is an on-going process of improvement, and that resource and budget constraints will necessitate a pragmatic approach and prioritisation. However, we are committed to an annual review of our processes and performance in order to identify successes and improvements, to inform any changes to our approach and strategy.

This Environmental Policy will be reviewed on an annual basis by the trustees of HCR Hewitsons Charitable Trust.