Charity applications for Chariots of Fire 2022

Each year a different Cambridgeshire charity is selected as the official recipient of sponsorship money raised by the event and during 29 years this model has raised in excess of £1.48 million for a wide variety of worthy causes.

Online applications for charities applying to be the official recipient of the Chariots of Fire funds in 2022 are considered by the trustees of HCR Hewitsons Charitable Trust.

Charity applications for the 2022 Chariots of Fire event are now live. To download the official application form please click here.

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Official Charity for Chariots of Fire 2021

The air ambulance
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In 2021 Chariots of Fire, organised by HCR Hewitsons Charitable Trust, will be partnering with East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA).

With your sponsorship, EAAA is fundraising to help people in Cambridgeshire develop life-saving CPR skills. EAAA can be tasked to any kind of life-changing or life-threatening medical emergency, however cardiac arrests, which happen at home, at work or out in the community, are the most common type of incident the crews attend. Cardiac arrests can happen in people of all ages, for a range of different medical reasons.

In this situation, early bystander CPR and use of a defibrillator, before the emergency services arrive, make the biggest impact on that person’s chance of survival. The charity is passionate about teaching as many people as possible these life-saving skills so that more people survive a cardiac arrest.

“EAAA attended 77 cardiac arrests in Cambridgeshire alone last year and we’re passionate about doing everything we can to help these patient’s get the best care and the best outcome possible. By supporting Chariots of Fire, you will be helping to save lives in Cambridgeshire.”

To view a video on the importance and impact of bystander CPR, click here.

EAAA are seeking support to raise the £97,500 to help them deliver more life-saving training across the county. To donate please visit -

For more information visit or alternatively you can keep up to date via the East Anglian Air Ambulance's social media accounts below.

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